We do the most important work in the world.

CreaKids is a private preschool that has been working in Latvia since 2011, CreaKids' pedagogy is based on the methodology developed in Norway for learning the preschool program for children from 1 year and 6 months to primary education. CreaKids preschools are in seven branches in Riga and areas around Riga.
The founders of CreaKids are Randi Sundby and Hans Jacobs Subdby
Preschool in Norway works under the name Laringversktedet, in other countries of the world under the name Dibber.

In total, there are preschools in 10 countries of the world

South Africa
Hong Kong
CreaKids preschools are staffed by people who take care of the world's greatest value - children. CreaKids employees learn, grow and develop together in a creative and friendly environment. Our employees have a desire to constantly develop.

It is important for us to have a suitable environment for the learning process.

The arrangement of the CreaKids rooms is designed so that children have the opportunity to spend time not only in the group rooms, but also in the creative workshops - "Mathematics", "Language", "Art", "Nature" and "Heart", which are decorated for the specific themes.
We pay special attention to children's meals. Every CreaKids preschool has a kitchen to prepare healthy and high-quality food. The children go to the dining hall for their meals.
The basis of our educational program is the versatile development of the child, the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in practical and creative activities. The emotional well-being of every child is important to us - we pay special attention to the emotional upbringing of children, which is based on the Heart program. Every day, the CreaKids program has great friends and helpers who invite you to explore, be creative and make friends!

Children learn new knowledge and skills through playful activities with:


Talkative Roger is a friend of all children who loves poems, rhymes, rhythm, sounds, pronunciation, writing and of course reading.


Color Palette stimulates children's fancy, which is one of the main tasks of CreaKids. Color Palette loves creativity, colors and various craft technologies.


Counting Kony likes active games that develop knowledge of numbers, counting, sizes, figures. With mathematical games, Counting Kony creates curiosity in children.


Woody Vu loves all seasons - winter, spring, summer, autumn. Every season hides wonders that need to be discovered. Woody Vu teaches every child to love nature, animals, plants and reveals the great power of natural elements.


Loving Howard likes friendly children, warm hugs and lots of positive emotions. Howard's Three Truths:
1. ME – every child has his own individuality;
2. YOU – we solve problems and conflicts together, take care of each other and ARE FRIENDS;
3. WE - we are part of the world, we must accept social norms.

Learning and play

Our goal is to respect, hear and support every child. We provide an environment where, through playful learning, hands-on activities and mutual cooperation, every child would have the opportunity to grow up to be as responsible and happy as possible. In an exciting, playful way, children not only acquire knowledge and skills, but also gain an understanding of their emotions and their management. With the help of play, children develop social, physical and cognitive skills, as well as develop empathy.

Playful learning, collaboration and learning new skills.

The CreaKids Education Tree symbolizes the essence of our education program.

Promoting a child's positive self-esteem is the basis of our work
In December 2019, the private preschool CreaKids launched the ESF project "Development of digital learning and methodical tools for the provision of innovative preschool education programs". The aim of the project was to develop sets of digital learning and methodological tools for all preschool age groups in 3 areas - Language, Mathematics, Health and physical activities.

The developed digital learning and methodological tools and tasks are available
HappyKids content was created by the teachers of CreaKids, and is a supplement to the curriculum.
The platform was created with the aim of collecting the experiences and ideas of both domestic and foreign kindergartens, which preschool teachers can use in their work. The developed digital teaching and methodical tools facilitate and modernize the preparatory work of preschool teachers for classes, expand the range of preschool activities and provide preschools with high-quality and modern content.

5 reasons to choose HappyKids

Convenient for teachers
Useful, educational and exciting learning process for the child
If necessary, parents will also be able to use it
Minimal costs
Long-term cooperation project
Since 2020, CreaKids has been participating in the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project "Developing teacher skills for educating preschool children with and through digital technologies" undertakes within two years to change the current situation in preschool digital education in four European Union countries and to share the results of the project with colleagues in the European Union and beyond it.
We continue the project in cooperation with educators from Norway and Lithuania - we create creative digital materials so that the daily life of preschool teachers becomes more exciting and creative, and the new tasks can really excite every child.